Hightower Wheelchair Restraint Docking System

The Hightower wheelchair Docking Station was discontinued March, 2020.

Image of Hightower wheelchair restraint system for securing wheelchair in vehicle

The First Vertical Docking Console Of Its Kind!

The all new B&D Independence HighTower vertical docking console is the new alternative to under-the-wheelchair docking securement. The vertical design eliminates the need for an attachment pin under your wheelchair that can compromise wheelchair clearance. Its space savings design is sleek and works with most chairs.

How It Works

The secret to the design of the HighTower console is its side-mounted docking system. The mounting pin attaches to the side of the wheelchair instead of underneath, eliminating ground clearance concerns and improving stability.

Features Include:

  •     Vertical side mount design eliminates wheelchair ground clearance issues
  •     The higher docking position improves wheelchair stability
  •     EZ Mount reduces installation time
  •     Easy to operate
  •     Console mounts to support both driver and passenger positions

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