BraunAbility®, Toyota Sienna, Power In-Floor Handicap, Wheelchair Vans For Sale

BraunAbility Toyota Sienna Li, power In-floor wheelchair accessible van with ramp out.

2021 Toyota Sienna – Handicap Wheelchair Van, Will Only Be Available As A Hybrid

The BraunAbility®, Toyota Sienna Li, Power In-Floor wheelchair van or handicap accessible vehicle is low maintenance with a hidden wheelchair ramp system. This wheelchair accessible conversion is spacious. In fact, there’s enough door opening height to accommodate the entry and exit of wheelchair users sitting up to 54 inches. The in-floor ramp design is a breeze to operate and it eliminates any issues of a fold-out ramp, such as blocking the entry from ambulatory passengers entering & exiting the vehicle. In addition to its unique in-floor ramp design, the Toyota Sienna Li, Power In-Floor, wheelchair accessible van features BraunAbility’s, long list of standard features: Single touch power entry & exit system; Power sliding doors; Automatic kneeling system (which helps reduce ramp angle); Removable front seats to allow for up-front passenger or from-the-chair driving.

Fully Automatic Sliding Door And Wheelchair Accessible Ramp

On the BraunAbility®, Toyota Sienna Li, Power In-Floor handicap wheelchair accessible van, the vehicles sliding side doors and ramp are both power for ease of operation. The entire process can be operated from the factory key-fob! Even if you have a power failure, the ramp has a built-in, backup power source and can even be operated manually if needed.

The ramp the Power In-Floor, handicap wheelchair accessible van is 30.25 inches wide and is made of lightweight aluminum. It has a load capacity of 1000 lbs. The ramps surface is powder-coated with a durable, non-skid finish and is slotted to help with the removal of debris. There is even a smooth transition plate that works to lower the traditional elevated joint where the ramp meets the van. This transition plate helps to further reduce the elevation of the wheelchair ramp making it easier for wheelchair users enter the vehicle.

BraunAbility Toyota Power In-Floor wheelchair ramp closup

Automatic Kneeling Feature

In an effort to reduce ramp angle and make it easier for a wheelchair user to enter and exit, all BraunAbility®, Power In-Floor handicap vans & wheelchair accessible vehicles feature an automatic suspension “kneeling system”. When the deploy ramp command is initiated, the on-board computer activates an actuator on the rear suspension. Once engaged, the actuator works to lower the vans ramp side, thus reducing ramp angle for the wheelchair user. This option can also be turned off or on with a switch on the dash if necessary for alternative loading situations.

Lowered Floor

As part of the wheelchair conversion process, the floor of the BraunAbility®, Toyota Sienna Li, Power In-Floor handicap van is lowered from the firewall (just behind the engine), to the rear axle. This lowering of the floor does two things: First, it creates a taller door entry of 54 inches to allow for obstruction-free entry. Second, it provides the wheelchair user a direct line-of-sight while either driving or riding as a passenger.

Removable Seating

Standard on the BraunAbility®, Toyota Li, Power In-Floor wheelchair accessible van, the front seats are easily removed. This allows access for a wheelchair user to either drive from his or her wheelchair or ride as a passenger up-front. The seats are easily unlocked at the base and rolled away for easy storage, and can be reinstalled anytime.

BraunAbility Toyota Sienna Power Fold-Out Wheelchair Van diagram with dimensions
Usable Door Opening WidthA30.5″
Usable Door Opening HeightB54″
Inside Center HeightC58.5″
Height at Driver & Passenger PositionD57.5″
Length of RampE52″
Usable Ramp WidthF30.25″
Angle of RampG8.7 Degrees
Length of Floor Behind Front SeatsH57″
Overall Floor LengthI89.25″
Width of Interior at B-PillarsJ59″
Ramp Load Capacity1000 lbs.

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