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Dodge companionVan Plus handicap van image with wheelchair ramp deployed.

Dodge Caravan – Handicap, Wheelchair Vans

The Dodge Grand Caravan, CompanionVan Plus® and CompanionVan Plus® XT (Extra Tall) wheelchair vans are two of the newest conversions from BraunAbility®, and are designed to be economical while offering additional conveniences with caregivers in mind.

Unlike the standard CompanionVan® which features a center-cut lowered floor and power ramp, the CompanionVan Plus® and CompanionVan Plus® XT models feature a full-cut lowered floor with removable front seats. This alternative design creates additional interior space that is accessible to the wheelchair user. By having removable front seats it allows the wheelchair user the option to ride up-front as a passenger.

Another big difference between the CompanionVan Plus® and the Plus XT is the door opening & interior height. The height of the door opening on the CompanionVan Plus® is 52.5 inches versus the CompanionVan Plus® XT at 56.5 inches.

Power Fold-Out Wheelchair Ramp

The ramp on the CompanionVan Plus® and Plus XT handicap accessible vehicles are easily operated with a push of a button. Each of the ramps are 29.25 inches wide, made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, and have a load capacity of 1000 pounds. The ramps surface is powder-coated with a durable non-skid finish and slotted to aide in the removal of debris. The ramp is also 52 inches long and has a ramp angle of 11 degrees, which is why it is designed for use with a caregiver and not for independent use.

Lowered Floor

As part of the wheelchair conversion process, the floor of the Dodge Grand Caravan, CompanionVan Plus® and CompanionVan Plus® XT wheelchair van is lowered from just behind the firewall to the rear seat. The conversion is 87.5 inches from front to back.

During the conversion process, the lowering of the floor does two things: First, it creates a taller door entry to make enough room for wheelchair users to enter without hitting their head. Second, it provides a wheelchair user a direct line-of-sight while seated in their chair making transportation enjoyable.

BraunAbility Dodge Caravan CompanionVan Plus wheelchair van diagram with dimensions
Usable Door Opening WidthA31.5″31.5″
Usable Door Opening HeightB52.5″56.5″
Inside Center HeightC57.25″61″
Inside Center Height – FrontD56.25″60″
Length of RampE52″52″
Usable Ramp WidthF29.25″29.25″
Angle of RampG12.2 Degrees11 Degrees
Length of FloorH87.5″87.5″
Ramp Load Capacity1000 lbs.1000 lbs.

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