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BraunAbility Rear-Entry Manual Fold-Out | Dodge Caravan Handicap Wheelchair Van


The Dodge Grand Caravan, Manual Rear-Entry wheelchair accessible van by BraunAbility® features a manual, fold-out wheelchair ramp system for easy loading and unloading of handicap passengers. The rear-entry wheelchair van & handicap van conversion aids in eliminating virtually all issues with parking, as additional space next to the vehicle is not necessary to deploy the wheelchair ramp mechanism.

The rear-entry design also makes this vehicle choice compatible with virtually every type and size wheelchair, power-chair and mobility scooter on the market, and can even be equipped for a wheelchair user to transfer and drive or ride as a passenger up front.

Wheelchair Ramp System

On the BraunAbility®,  manual rear-entry, Dodge Caravan wheelchair accessible van conversion, you find the that the hatch and fold-out ramp is manually operated without power assistance. For many this option is a great option and preference of many non-emergency medical transport companies as it is faster to deploy and stow and with less moving parts and electronics, the manual ramp system reduces future maintenance costs.

Dodge Seating Options

In the, BraunAbility® manual rear-entry, Dodge Caravan handicap wheelchair accessible van you have several choices when it comes to the type and configuration of your second and third-row seating. Users are able to choose a vehicle built with factory or aftermarket fold-and-flip mid-row seats or even standard fixed bucket seats if flip & fold options are not necessary. In addition, there are third row bench seat options available that too flip & fold out of the way of the ramp operation when not in use.

Full or Half-Cut Wheelchair Accessible Van & Handicap Van Conversion

Just like most of the, BraunAbility® rear-entry wheelchair accessible van models available, the Dodge Grand Caravan is also available in either a half-cut or full-cut wheelchair conversion option depending upon the users need. The full-cut is by far the most common and is what you will find in most rear-entry, Dodge Caravan wheelchair accessible van conversions.

Inside Lowered Floor LengthA96.5″
Wheelchair Channel WidthB33.25″
Usable Ramp WidthC34″
Length of RampD58″
Interior Height at Mid-Row SeatingJ58″
Rear-Hatch Opening HeightK54.5″
Angle of RampS10 Degrees
Overall Vehicle Height 73″
Ramp Load Capacity 1000 lbs.

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