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BraunAbility Rear-Entry | Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Accessible Minivan

Rear view of a silver Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Van with ramp out

The BraunAbility®, rear-entry Toyota Sienna wheelchair van is built with a manual wheelchair ramp conversion. Because it is manual, it’s ramp can be a whopping 32 inches in width to accommodate the largest of wheelchairs. In addition to the larger ramp, this accessible minivan is very spacious! In fact, it can accommodate the transport of up to two wheelchairs simultaneously. Particularly important, for those needing to transport larger wheelchairs or multiple users.

Therefore, the BraunAbility®, rear-entry Toyota Sienna wheelchair van makes the perfect choice for those needing extra interior space, and who will be traveling with a dedicated caregiver or attendant at all times. In addition, as with all rear-entry, handicap wheelchair accessible vans, the ramps rear location provides the additional freedom to park in traditional parking spaces. Therefore, eliminating the issue of having the ramp blocked by other drivers.

Manual, Fold-Out Wheelchair Ramp Options

The ramp on the, BraunAbility®, rear-entry Toyota Sienna wheelchair van is only available in a manually operated version, but it is very easy to operate. As noted previously, the ramp itself is 32 inches wide and made of a lightweight aluminum alloy. But, it’s strong, and has a load capacity of 800 pounds! In addition, the surface of the ramp is also powder-coated with a durable, non-skid finish, and it’s slotted to aide in the removal of debris.

closeup image of ramp on a red, rear-entry Toyota Sienna wheelchair van

Lowered Floor Conversion

As part of the wheelchair van conversion process, the actual floor of a BraunAbility®, rear-entry Toyota Sienna wheelchair van is lowered from just behind the two front seats of the vehicle through the rear. In fact , this is very important. Firstly, it creates a taller door-entry height, allowing taller, seated wheelchair users safe access. Secondly, it creates a direct line-of-sight for the wheelchair user when riding as a passenger in the front or rear of the vehicle.

Flip & Fold Seating Options

On rear-entry Toyota Sienna wheelchair van conversions from BraunAbility®, there are optional seats available for ambulatory passengers. Undeniably, one of the most common is the mid-row, flip & fold seating option. When not in use, these seats can be flipped & folded to make additional interior space. Another option, is adding a third-row bench seat. This seat also can be folded out-of-the-way when not being used.

CAD drawing of BraunAbility Toyota rear-entry wheelchair van showing dimensions of conversion
Usable Ramp Width
Wheelchair Channel Length
Usable Ramp Width
Rear-Hatch Opening Height
Distance Between Aftermarket Mid-Row Seats
Angle of Ramp
9.5 Degrees
Length of Ramp
Overall Vehicle Height
Ramp Load Capacity
1000 lbs.

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