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BraunAbility, Chrysler Pacifica, Rear-Entry Handicap, Wheelchair Accessible Van For Sale

Gold, BraunAbility Dodge Caravan, Manual Rear-Entry wheelchair van with ramp out

Chrysler Pacifica – Handicap, Wheelchair Van

Introducing the Chrysler Pacifica, manual, rear-entry handicap accessible van from BraunAbility®. Engineered with advanced mobility technology, the Chrysler Pacifica is now, BraunAbility’s most spacious rear-entry wheelchair accessible van! In fact, it features the widest ramp, widest door opening, highest ramp weight limit and the most ground clearance of any other, BraunAbility® rear-entry handicap accessible vehicle. The Pacifica is a great option for taller, seated wheelchair users and those who may have a little wider or longer wheelchair & who travel with a full-time caregiver. The Chrysler Pacifica, rear-entry wheelchair accessible van has 56 inches of door opening height, 34.5 inches of usable door opening width, and 34 incredible inches of usable ramp width! 

Newly Designed Manual Fold-Out Wheelchair Ramp

On the new Chrysler Pacifica, rear-entry wheelchair van, the ramps mechanism is manually operated, eliminating the addition of electric motors and electronics. The new wheelchair ramp deployment mechanism was totally redesigned using a new, patented, two-position secure-latch that features new anti-rattle technology. You’ll immediately notice the difference!

As we said before, the BraunAbility®, Chrysler Pacifica, rear-entry handicap accessible wheelchair van features the widest ramp of any rear-entry wheelchair accessible at 34 inches In addition, the ramp features a low 10-degree ramp angle for ease of loading and unloading passengers. It also incorporates BraunAbility’s, new, lightweight aluminum ramp design that increases ground clearance and its load capacity up to 1000 pounds! The ramps surface is still powder-coated with a durable non-skid finish and is slotted to help reduce accumulation of debris. 

inside view from the rear of BraunAbility, rear-entry, Chrysler Pacifica wheelchair van

Lowered Floor Conversion

Part of the wheelchair conversion process, the floor of the Chrysler Pacifica, rear-entry wheelchair accessible van is lowered from just behind the front seats to the rear hatch. This lowering of the floor does two things: First, it allows for a taller door-entry height of 56 inches, allowing a taller entry point. Second, it provides a wheelchair user with a more direct-line of sight while riding as a passenger. 

Multiple Seating Arrangements

Standard on the Chrysler Pacifica, rear-entry, handicap accessible van, the factory mid-row seats are remounted to allow for more added ambulatory passenger seating. There are also optional seating configurations available that include a fold-away third-row seat, and optional aftermarket mid-row seating that provides more interior space for the wheelchair user. To learn more about all the options, contact one of our mobility consultants today for more details. 

BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica Rear-Entry wheelchair van dimension image
Inside Lowered Floor LengthA98″
Wheelchair Channel WidthB34.5″
Usable Ramp WidthC34″
Length of RampD60″
Angle of RampE10 Degrees
Interior Height at Mid-Row SeatingF56″
Rear-Hatch Opening HeightG56″
Overall Vehicle HeightH75″
Ramp Load Capacity1000 lbs.

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