The VMI Honda Pilot Northstar E with Access360 is the industries newest and only handicap accessible SUV that features an unobstructed door opening width of 33.5 inches and a 32” wide manual, in-floor ramp system! VMI’s new offering is a game changer in the wheelchair accessible SUV market and it’s outperforming its competitors across the board; More Floor Length; More Cargo Space; More Floor Width; More Overall Interior Space/Maneuverability; More Headroom; Wider Ramp; Wider Door Opening.

The VMI Pilot with its manual ramp system is great choice and alternative to the traditional minivan for those traveling with a full-time caregiver. Sorry – Conversions are not available on 4WD/AWD model vehicles.

Manual Door And Ramp Operation

The Honda Pilot Northstar-E conversion features a patented, ultra-low, manual in-floor ramp system with an astonishing 32 inch width that allows for safe entry and exit of much larger wheelchairs. The ramp easily and conveniently stows and deploys from underneath the floor, creating additional interior space and maneuverability for the wheelchair user and his/her passengers. The ramp is made from a high strength aluminum alloy, and can support loads up to 800 lbs. 

Removable Front Seats

The obstacle free front seats allow for easy removal, creating multiple seating arrangements for the wheelchair user and passengers. The space is large enough to accommodate two wheelchairs side-by-side if needed. 

Corrosion Resistant Floor

All VMI Northstar wheelchair conversions have floors that are E-coated for optimal rust and corrosion prevention. 

Headroom And Lowered Floor

The floor from just behind the firewall to the third row seat in the VMI Honda Pilot SUV is dropped a maximum of 16 inches to create the industry’s largest available headroom of any handicap accessible SUV. This drop in the floor also creates a usable door opening height of 55.5 inches, which makes the VMI Honda Pilot Northstar-E Access360 a great alternative for even the tallest seated wheelchair user.

Towing Capacity

The VMI Honda Pilot comes with a towing capacity of 3500lbs. This large towing capacity further enhances the usage and capabilities of owning an SUV over a traditional minivan.

This graphic discusses the features of the VMI Honda Pilot Wheelchair Accessible SUV in comparison to competitors.
This graphic shows the available Honda Pilot models that VMI uses in their wheelchair accessible SUV conversion process.

Take A (Virtual Tour) Of Various Vehicle Conversions

Follow this link to take a virtual tour of the inside of various wheelchair accessible vehicles that are currently available. How Cool!

Virtual 360 Tour