BraunAbility Honda Odyssey In-Floor wheelchair van in blue

The Honda Odyssey is refined. The Honda Odyssey is stylish. The Honda Odyssey is one of BraunAbility’s premium wheelchair vans that has proven to be one of the most reliable chassis on the market today. The newest model Honda Odyssey is one of the most stylish, fuel efficient and safest mini-vans available today!

In fact, the new Honda Odyssey wheelchair van is constructed with steel that is stronger than its predecessors, and features a nearly 60% reinforced rear steel frame to further protect its occupants. Even the ride is more comfortable, as Honda utilizes a double wishbone rear suspension, something not available from other manufacturers. The ride is truly different and one to experience.

BraunAbility® Honda Power In-floor Wheelchair Vans

Introducing the BraunAbility® Honda Power In-Floor, handicap accessible wheelchair van! Completely redesigned and built on the all-new Honda Odyssey chassis, this handicap conversion features several improvements to include: New, larger/extended cabin for improved wheelchair maneuverability; All-new BraunAbility® in-floor ramp system with 1000 lbs. ramp capacity; Increased cargo space behind the third row seating; and new, easier to operate “Step & Roll” removable front seats. Like you would expect anything less from the, “Most Trusted” name in mobility, BraunAbility®.

Quiet Drive On The Honda Odyssey wheelchair van

Quiet Drive™ from BraunAbility® is an advanced noise reducing process that is exclusively found on their full line of handicap accessible vehicles. This advanced sound deadening design works to reduce road noise and vibration up to 25% of early models. Using state-of-the-art techniques and advanced acoustic materials , BraunAbility’s Quiet Drive™ enhances the driving experience by blocking unwanted noise at the source from entering the interior of the vehicle.

Automatic Sliding Door And Accessible Ramp

On the Honda Odyssey Power in-floor handicap van, the sliding side doors and ramp are both power for ease of operation. By activating the open or close command on the vehicles factory key-fob or use of interior switches, the door opens or closes and deploys or stows the on-board wheelchair ramp. What if there is a power failure? No need to worry! The ramp on the Honda Odyssey wheelchair van can be easily operated manually.

The all-new, BraunAbility® in-floor ramp system is a type of wheelchair ramp that stows out-of-sight and out-of-mind, under the floor of the vehicle until needed. This feature allows for easier entry and exit by ambulatory passengers since they don’t have to deploy the ramp to enter or exit from the passenger side sliding door. In addition, since the ramp is not inside the cabin, there is more usable interior space. The ramp on the Honda wheelchair van from BraunAbility® is also larger than it’s predecessor and is now 30.25-inches wide to accommodate today’s larger wheelchairs and scooters. But that’s not all, the ramp capacity has also increased to a maximum load limit of 1000 lbs. which is up from 800 lbs.

Removable Seating

Standard on the Honda Power In-Floor wheelchair accessible minivan, the front seats are easily removed using the, BraunAbility® “Step & Roll” seating system. This feature allows access for a wheelchair user to either drive from his or her chair or ride as a passenger up front. The seats are easily unlocked at the base and rolled away for easy storage and can be reinstalled anytime.

This image shows how the seats can be removed to allow more access inside the cabin of a BraunAbility Honda Wheelchair van.

Automatic Kneeling System

In an effort to reduce ramp angle and make it easier to traverse the ramp of a wheelchair van, every power BraunAbility® handicap van features an automatic, integrated “kneeling” system. This system engages when the deploy ramp command is given from the factory key-fob of set of on-board switches found through the cabin. Once activated, an actuator engages that is mounted on the rear suspension of the passenger side. Once engaged, the actuator works by lowering the height of the vans ramp side, thus reducing ramp angle. This option, if not necessary, can also be turned off with a switch on the dash, but is designed to make loading and unloading of wheelchair passengers easier and safer, especially those in manual wheelchairs.

Lowered Floor

As part of the conversion process at BraunAbility®, the floor of the Honda Odyssey Power in-floor is lowered from just behind the firewall (just behind the engine), to the rear axle. The lowering of the floor does two things: First, it creates a taller door-entry of 54.5-inches to allow for unobstructed entry for those who sit taller in their wheelchair. Second, it provides a wheelchair user a more natural direct line-of-sight while either driving or riding as a passenger up-front.

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