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Manufacture Mobility Incentives/Rebates

Manufacture Incentives Available up to $1200 Toward Mobility Equipment Purchases

Let’s face it, every little bit helps! If you are in the market for a new vehicle and will require the installation of a mobility device to operate that vehicle safely, maybe you can save some money.

Below is a list of Mobility Assistance Programs currently offered by various automobile manufacturers. Incentives up to $1200 are available toward the purchase of approved mobility devices.

NOTE: not all types of vehicles can be modified, carry a wheelchair lift or have another type of assistive device installed. Before you make a purchase, it is critical that if you plan on utilizing any of the manufacturer mobility incentives below that you verify the availability and fit of a desired mobility device with a member of the Superior Van and Mobility team. We will work directly with you to ensure the vehicle you plan on purchasing will work with your desired mobility aid.

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