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In-Home Consultations

At Superior Van and Mobility, we understand that conditions may not exist for you to easily visit one of our many locations across the South and Midwest. For this reason, Superior goes above and beyond to provide for our customers FREE in-home consultations and nationwide wheelchair van delivery services on select vehicle types!

An In-home consultation is a very important step to ensure your current and future needs are addressed and that the vehicle you are considering will be a good fit, and fit is key. We can’t tell you how many times individuals have called us after purchasing a vehicle site unseen from an online only retailer and have lived to regret their decision. “They couldn’t see over the steering wheel”. “They bump their head entering and exiting the vehicle”. “The ramp is too narrow and they have a hard time entering and exiting the vehicle safely”. “They have a hard time securing their vehicle safely for transit”. The list goes on…

Image of Dodge wheelchair van and couple

If you are within our service area and are unable to visit one of our showrooms for a vehicle demonstration on a wheelchair accessible vehicle, give us a call. One of our certified mobility consultants will be happy to help and evaluate your needs. If determined a wheelchair accessible vehicle is right for you, we will happily arrange an in-home consultation and test-drive. We can even handle your financing needs and perform a full-vehicle delivery right from your home without the need to visit our showroom.

It’s the, “Superior Difference”!

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