We sell, service and install most brands of foot controls on the market today. We carry both mechanical and electronic control devices.

Due to the nature and safety of these devices, please contact your closest Superior location for further information on use and installation requirements.

Left Foot Accelerator with Electronic Auto Lock

Reduced Liability

The Sure Grip left foot accelerator with Auto Lock is a safer version of the left foot accelerator found elsewhere. The smart lock design was designed to eliminate liability of non-standard users having an accident.


The unique design incorporates an extra level of protection. If the user doesn’t activate the pedal system within 15 seconds, the accelerator will automatically deactivate until the vehicle is restarted.


Left Foot Accelerator








Removable Left Foot Accelerator

The Sure Foot removable left foot accelerator is designed to provide the user a portable device that acts and feels like the existing factory pedal. The unit is lightweight, easily removed and installed, and incorporates easy adjustments.


Left Foot Accelerator








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