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Advanced Driving From Your Wheelchair

Advanced electronic driving controls from EMC provide those wheelchair users with extremely limited mobility advanced driving capabilities. Each of their products is designed with quality that you can see and feel and each undergoes a rigorous testing to make sure the products you receive are safe, effective and reliable; EMC is an ISO 9001 certified company. Superior Van & Mobility is proud to be a dealer representing and installing their products.

About EMC Controls

EMC High Tech Joystick for driving vehicle.The EMC advanced driving Joystick is one of the devices that allow the wheelchair user to steer a vehicle when integrated with a primary control unit. The PRIMARY Control unit is the device that controls all the drivers input, and is necessary to connect the various hardware elements used in controlling the vehicles Acceleration, Braking, and Steering Functions. The easy "plug and play" design of the EMC AEVIT 2.0® is what allows for the high level of customization needed to build a users system around their individual physical needs. If over time physical needs should change, this device allows for easy swapping of input devices, minimizing vehicle down time.


EMC AVIT Screen For Driving Vehicle With TouchScreenThe EMC AVIT touch screen works to control vehicles secondary functions. SECONDARY vehicle controls are all of the other electro-mechanical functions like lights, wipers, shifter, horn, A/C, etc. The integrated "compact flash” upgrade drive of AEVIT 2.0® allows for custom loading of secondary switch inputs. This set of functions can easily be upgraded and changed if necessary or due to any physical changes that necessitate the change. In most cases, simply inserting a compact flash upgrade is all that is necessary.



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