Designed from the nearly 40 year’s experience of building personal mobility products, BraunAbility introduces a stylish entry to the commercial handicap accessible vehicle market. Keeping with the current style, performance, convenience and safety of the chassis, the BraunAbility handicap accessible vehicle brings comfort and utility to new heights.

This “keeping with the chassis” OEM finished look, does two things. First, it provides an unobtrusive product, blending in with its standardized look. The vehicle does not portray an unconventional appearance or allude to its specialized nature. Second, it remains functional for all service use. In fact, with the open floor design and ramp, it actually provides more interior space for up to four passengers & larger cargo when not being used to transport a wheelchair user.

What you don’t see on the outside can be deceiving… Through years of engineering, the BraunAbility ADA compliant Dodge Entervan has been meticulously refined and developed. It’s the quality and reliability of its features that distinguishes this vehicle as the right choice for commercial use across the Nation. Features Include: Lowered Floor; Larger Door Entry Height; Integrated Fold-Out Manual Ramp; Wheelchair Restraints; Rubber Floor, and more.

In addition to the engineering of the conversion itself, the Dodge Commercial Entervan® wheelchair accessible vehicle comes standard with a removable front driver and passenger seat. The passenger seat can be easily removed and stored to allow enough room for two simultaneous wheelchair users to be securely, and safely transported along with up to three additional passengers.

Standard Features Include:

  •     Buy America Compliant

  •     ADA, FMVSS and CMVSS Compliant

  •     Meets/exceeds Altoona test requirements

  •     CARB approved

  •     6-passenger vehicle (with optional aftermarket 2nd row 2-passenger folding bench seat)

  •     Lowered floor from firewall to rear axle

  •     61 inch floor-to-ceiling height at center of van (most models)

  •     Manual swing ramp providing 30 inches of usable width

  •     Multiple wheelchair securement locations in rear and front seating positions

  •     EZ one belt system for wheelchair securement

  •     Manual driver & passenger sliding door providing 56 1/4" vertical opening (ADA compliant), passenger door provides 31-1/2" in width

  •     Step-and-Roll removable front seats

  •     3-passenger third row seat with folding footrest

  •     Vinyl flooring with 3/8" marine grade plywood underlayment

  •     ADA-compliant interlock

  •     ADA-compliant ramp and door entrance lighting

  •     Auxiliary wiring harnesses include fused circuits for safety

  •     Emergency rear hatch release

  •     Easy maintenance interior package

  •     20 gallon OEM fuel tank

Take a Virtual Tour of Various Vehicle Conversions

Follow this link to take a virtual tour of the various wheelchair vans available. Once on the page, simply click on any of the photos to the left to select between the different models. Many of the models you will see are available in commercial versions. https://cs3design.com/tours/superior-van/output/index.html

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