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BraunAbility - Inventor of the Wheelchair Lift

In the world of wheelchair lifts for vehicles, it was a man with need in 1966 that paved the way to inventing the world’s first wheelchair lift for a vehicle. His name was, Ralph Braun. Ralph came up with the idea for a vehicle wheelchair lift after succumbing to a debilitating disease that put him into a wheelchair at an early age. Ralph had a need, a need to get to his job, and it was this need that sparked a revolution in the mobility industry. Ralph went on to start the Braun Corporation out of a realization that he needed to help others like himself regain their mobility.


The First Wheelchair Lift - Inventor Ralph Braun

Braun Wheelchair Lifts - The First Ever

Photo to the left is of, Ralph Braun and the first ever vehicle wheelchair lift. Today Ralph has passed, but his legacy of helping others has not. The Braun Corporation remains the world's largest manufacturer of vehicle wheelchair lifts; lifts that can be found in countless vans, buses, motor homes and other applications around the world.


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