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Dodge Power Rear Entry Wheelchair Van From BraunAbility

The Dodge Grand Caravan Power Rear Entry wheelchair accessible minivan by BraunAbility features a power, fold-out ramp system for easy loading and unloading of passengers. The rear entry design aids in eliminating virtually all issues with parking, as additional space next to the vehicle is not necessary to deploy the ramp mechanism.

The rear entry design makes this vehicle compatible with virtually every type and size wheelchair and scooter, and can even be equipped for a wheelchair user to transfer and drive or ride as a passenger.

Retains Ride Quality And Height

The conversion process involved in building a rear entry vehicle like the Dodge Power Rear Entry does not compromise the integrity of the original structure of the vehicle, or ground clearance. This process results in a more factory true ride and handling.

Automatic Door and Ramp System

The rear hatch and ramp on the Dodge Power Rear Entry from BraunAbility is power and fully automatic and operates with a simple touch of a button on either the factory key fob or interior switch.

Seating Options

When it comes to seating options, the rear entry models have a much larger selection of configurations.  Choose from factory or aftermarket fold-and-flip center seats or standard fixed bucket seats, as well as an optional fold-up rear bench seat and/or a driver transfer seat.  

Automatic Kneeling System

In an effort to reduce ramp angle and make it easier to board, all power rear entry handicap vans feature an automatic, integrated "kneeling" system. When a deploy ramp command is initiated, the onboard computer activates an electric actuator that is mounted on the rear of the vehicle. Once engaged, the actuator works to lower the vans ramp angle. This option can also be turned off or on with a switch on the dash.

Full or Half Cut Conversion

When choosing your layout in a BraunAbility Power Rear Entry wheelchair van conversion, your first item to consider is the cut of the conversion. There are two types of cuts in a rear entry model. The first is called a full-cut. With a full-cut the floor of the minivan is cut and lowered just behind the two front seats to the rear. In a half-cut, the floor of the minivan is cut from just behind the second row of seats. This is a very important aspect in rear entry models to consider.


Take a (Virtual Tour) of Various Vehicle Conversions

Follow this link to take a virtual tour of the inside of various wheelchair accessible vehicles that are currently available. How Cool!



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