The VMI Northstar Wheelchair Van Conversion at Superior Van

The VMI Northstar Wheelchair Van Conversion offers a side-entry, lowered floor wheelchair accessible space that makes it easy for passengers using a wheelchair to travel without an issue. The power in-floor ramp in this minivan offers open, unrestricted entry and exit as well as a spacious interior for just the right amount of maneuverability.

There is a one-touch remote used to operate the wheelchair ramp, allowing for effortless ramp deployment. The PowerKneelTM provides a lower ramp van angle for the easiest access available in any minivan. Once our customers get the hang of it, they understand why so many others have chosen this van for their wheelchair accessibility and mobility needs.

Since its development in 1993, the Northstar minivan remains on the top of the list for wheelchair accessible vehicles, with more than 10,000 wheelchair minivans in the field. If you are interested in discovering how this van can improve your quality of life and enhance your mobility, contact Superior Van today. Our trained specialists are ready to help you find the custom-tailored van of your needs.