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New Hands-Free Wearable Device Support For Wheelchair Users

If you are one of many who have limited mobility and have every ever wished there was an easier way to manage your tablet, mobile phone, or other device, you’re in luck! A new, innovative device will soon be on the market that has been exclusively designed for this purpose, and it has wheelchair users excited.



The product is called Sospendo, and it is being advertised as, “Hands-free wearable support for all kinds of devices.” The Sospendo was the result of a recent Kickstarter campaign where the developers homed in on the disability market as one of their target audiences.

The device is constructed of a lightweight, flexible aluminum which is used to adjust the holder into a comfortable, usable position around the user neck, waist, or it can be made into a stand and placed on a table, etc. allowing for easy device usage. Its hands-free design allows for ease of watching videos, taking photos/videos, and using applications. This close device proximity to the user, even allows for those who require the use of a mouth-stick to manipulate their devices on their own. It is a device that will surely help many regain independence.

To learn more about this innovative new device, or to pre-order one of your own, visit www.sospendo.com.

The ‘smart’ wheelchair of the Future?

Coming soon… the smart wheelchair, as recently demonstrated at this year’s CTIA wireless industry conference in Las Vegas, NV. Built by Permobil, this wheelchair has cellular connectivity for an endless array of use. It demonstrates the concept while embracing the notion that one day virtually every product will be online or communicate with us in one way or fashion.

While it’s just the beginning, one day this chair may have the ability to send diagnostics, alerts in-case of an accident, and even track the chairs whereabouts, but the endless function doesn’t just stop there. Permobil expects big things to come, as the potential for this advanced technology is staggering. Permobil expects a version of their wheelchair, integrating this technology, will be available in 2016.


To Drive or Not To Drive . . That Is The Question

Getting adaptive driving equipment can be a very exciting time, but along with that excitement comes some uncertainty. How do I get hand controls legally? Do I need any type of training? Who do I contact to get that training? These are all very good questions and are all an important part of the process. It is very important that any individual needing adaptive driving controls be evaluated and prescribed by an Occupational Therapist who is certified in Driver Rehabilitation.

There are several advantages for clients who are evaluated by a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS). Not only will a CDRS train the individual on how to properly operate all of the adaptive equipment, but they will also physically take them to the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain the restriction on his or her license. This process results in a nice easy transition for our clients, while allowing them to obtain all of the necessary documents to be a legal licensed driver of their state.

This restriction will help to protect the individual operating the modified vehicle, any passengers, and anyone else who may be involved. For example, in the unlikely event of an accident, the driver of the modified vehicle has proof that he or she has obtained all of the training necessary to operate their vehicle safely. This restriction could prevent any injured individuals from pressing charges or suing, based on driving a modified vehicle without proper training.

It is very important that all individuals needing adaptive driving equipment be evaluated and prescribed by a CDRS in their area. This process will ensure the safety and legality of our clients while helping to make their overall driving experience easy and exciting.

After the the prescription is obtained, Superior Van & Mobility can outfit your existing vehicle with the necessary driving equipment, or assist you with purchasing just the right vehicle that meets your needs and budget. With over 35 years of experience in the mobility industry, our consultants know what it’s like for that first time driver and all the questions that come with that new found freedom and independence.