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Wheelchair Conversion Vans Bring Comfort to Your Commute

The Conversion Conundrum
A long trip can be a very memorable experience for many different reasons. Long trips can mean great times of bonding and forging life-long memories. But sometimes long distance trips can be uncomfortable treks that seem to never end and the only relief is when it’s actually over.
Regardless of how good or bad the trip turns out to be, traveling in comfort will make it much easier. If traveling in comfort appeals to you, purchasing a wheelchair conversion van is the option to choose.
Handicap conversion vans also serve another function. They can aid in that transport of people with disabilities. Each wheelchair conversion van can be customized to various needs to accommodate those with disabilities.
What’s In It For You?
The next big questions are what features can be added to a new accessible full-size van or minivan?
A typical wheelchair conversion van can have any number of standard and special features added to it. Most of these features are aesthetic in nature and have to do with what type of wheels you might want or the style of the interior. The more luxurious options feature enhanced sound systems, special inputs for gaming consoles and media players, and LCD screens for viewing.
There are a number of helpful features available for a handicap conversion van. These conversion vans offer wheelchair ramps, lifts and carriers that can help a person in a wheelchair get in and out of their vehicle. They also can be fitted with safety locks that keep wheelchair passengers in place. These features can make a wheelchair conversion van safer and more accessible for anyone using it.


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Handicap Parking Violators – There Is An App For That

By: Brendan Keefe, bkeefe@wcpo.com
NEWPORT, Ky. – Why was a man in a wheelchair parking in the very last space in a strip mall parking lot?

“There were no handicapped spots available,” said Paul Mohr, a man fighting against the physical limitations of multiple sclerosis.
Mohr was going to a gym in his wheelchair to keep up his strength, but there was no place to park his ramp-equipped van near the entrance.
“I need one where the right side will be accessible to deploy the ramp,” Mohr said.

When the only van-accessible spot is taken by someone else with a handicapped placard — or a driver without one — Mohr is forced to go to the end of the lot where he can be sure no one will park next to him, blocking the ramp. Continue reading

Veterans and Wheelchair Vans and Lifts – Making The Jump!

Superior Van & Mobility works with veterans on a daily basis in regard to their mobility needs. All veterans — whether older, younger, or in the middle are unique in their experiences, and in regard to the benefit levels they qualify for based on their level of service or injury. If you are just now learning about the VA process in regard to transportation and the benefits available to you, we can help. We work closely with all our local VA’s to help make the process easy and stress free for our veterans. If it’s time to get a wheelchair or scooter lift for your vehicle, or a wheelchair accessible van or truck, coming to Superior Van & Mobility first is a good starting point.
The first step is to find out from the VA if you are 100% Service Connected. If you are, you have some great benefits for your first van purchase. A mobility vehicle is viewed as two different products, the chassis (which is the normal van or truck portion) and the conversion (with is all the modifications needed to make it accessible to you). A signed VA form #4502 entitles a 100% Service Connected Veteran to a one-time vehicle benefit of $19,505 towards the CHASSIS purchase of a wheelchair accessible vehicle . The conversion portion (the modifications that are needed) are always covered at 100% for a 100% service connected veteran. Therefore, for a 100% service connected veteran that has a signed 4502 form from the VA, their first wheelchair van purchase could breakdown as follows:
Chassis Price: $25,000
Lowered Floor Conversion, Tie Downs and Hand Controls (modifications) : $25,000
Total Lowered Floor Van Purchase: $50,000
VA Paid Chassis Portion with signed 4502 Form: -$19,505
Modifications Covered by VA: -$25,000
Balance Before any trade-in from Veteran: $5,495 (this is the portion a veteran would pay out of pocket for a brand new lowered floor vehicle BEFORE any trade-in’s they may bring to the deal in this example).
If keeping your current vehicle is more appealing and you only need a lift to carry your chair or scooter with you, we can help too. First we would need to know the make and model of your chair or scooter and the make and model of your vehicle. This information tells us what type of hitch you will need for your car, or if a lift will fit inside, and what your car is equipped to carry on its rear without damaging the suspension. This information will then determine which lift will work best for you, and what type of lift you should apply for through the VA.
If you are curious about your situation or a veteran you know, please give Superior Van & Mobility a call and we can personally help walk you through the process. Please call 1-877-878-2304 to be connected to your nearest Superior Van & Mobility.

Two Local Heroes Take Delivery Of New Wheelchair Accessible Vans!

The DeLuca Family
Kristen DeLuca prayed for a healthy child all through her pregnancy. When her son Connor was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Type 3, at two years old, she didn’t fall apart or give up. She decided to make sure his life was as full and as normal as possible. At five years-old, Connor uses a power wheelchair for mobility. However, Kristen refuses to say “my son just can’t do it” and instead consistently asks “how can I make my son a part of that?” A part of living that philosophy is the proper transportation for their family. When we met the DeLuca family, they were driving a 2002 minivan that had 150,000+ miles and were using a trifold portable ramp to load Connor’s chair. In March, the DeLuca family participated in the local MDA Walk Fundraiser where they met Paul Erway and Todd Winchester with Superior Van & Mobility. After chatting with them about van options (new, used, side entry, rear entry), Todd and Paul told them about the Local Hero Van Giveaway contest sponsored by NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association) and part of National Mobility Awareness Month. Kristen entered the contest with hope that through votes for her son’s story, they would win a new lowered floor wheelchair accessible van for her family. Although the family did not win the van, they did learn a lot about van options and choices through Todd and Paul. After shopping and comparing some vans through the summer, the family attended the Superior Van & Mobility October Open House where they were able to secure a pre-owned Vision Conversion / Rear Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle! Congrats!

The Hall Family
A Shelbyville, KY family finally received the wheelchair accessible van they long wished for! Glenn Hall is a 14 year old that was born with a rare chromosomal disease, partial trisomy 6Q, and is confined to a wheelchair. Partial trisomy 6Q is an extremely rare chromosomal disorder in which a portion of the 6th chromosome is present three times rather than twice in the cells of the body. Due to this disorder, many children suffer from slow physical development, abnormal bending or extension of certain joints, and other physical abnormalities. In early Spring 2012, the Hall family entered the same Local Hero Van Giveaway contest sponsored by NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association) as the DeLuca’s. They too did not win a wheelchair accessible van, however, their drive on Facebook to gain votes for their story drew attention from their community, specifically from the local First Christian Church which formed an official “Van For Glenn” fundraising committee. After getting attention from the Shelby County Community Charities as well, the entire city pitched in and helped raise money through events like bake sales, cookouts, and a dinner with silent auction. The goal was to raise enough money to purchase the lowered floor conversion van by Christmas Eve, 2012. Their fundraising efforts were so successful that the family was able to take delivery a month and a half before their goal date at the “Light Up Shelbyville” tree lighting ceremony on November 10th. Superior’s own Paul Erway was present for the van presentation and was involved with fundraising efforts and the BraunAbility Companion Van purchase rom the beginning. Congrats to the Hall family and we look forward to hearing about how they are using their new van!

Why It Can Be Tricky to Buy From a Normal Car Dealer

You may be considering buying an unconverted “normal” vehicle, and sending it to a mobility conversion manufacturer for a lowered floor wheelchair ramp conversion. There are many things to consider when you decide to go this route. You many think you are getting a great deal from a regular car dealership, or the dealer you have used for years, but they may not even be aware of the questions that are important to ask before you sign that purchase order in this type of situation!

So many times we hear from an unhappy customer when it’s too late. They have purchased a minivan that they would like to convert to be wheelchair accessible but find out that it is not able to be converted, or cannot offer them the options they need like seating positions, an in-floor or fold-up ramp position, head clearance, or ramp width. For these reasons and more, it is so important to discuss your mobility needs with an experienced mobility dealer like Superior Van & Mobility. Here are some things you may not know:

We accept any type of vehicle as a trade-in, just like a normal car dealership. We will inspect your vehicle and give you a very competitive trade-in offer!

We carry new mobility van, pre-owned, and used mobility van inventory right on our lots. Don’t see something you like at your nearest Superior location? No problem, we can transfer the vehicle you like from any of our 7 locations within a day or two.

We offer the same rebates that you will find at a normal car dealership on the same chassis.

We want to make sure you receive ALL the mobility rebates that you qualify for. Often, a car salesman that is not familiar with these programs does not know to even tell you about them, causing you to miss out on up to $1000 in mobility rebates.

We carry the same color and trim package options as a normal car dealership, therefore, buying a chassis that is unconverted to send out for a conversion will just cost you an additional 4-6 weeks of waiting time. We often have the same van with a complete lowered floor conversion sitting on one of our 7 lots and can have it ready for you within a day or two. In addition, if you need to finance a wheelchair accessible vehicle, we work with special lenders like Braun Credit that are familiar with the added costs of mobility conversions, and can offer flexible finance solutions for these special vehicles.

Our 36 years of experience in mobility consulting ensures we ask the right questions, do the right measurements, and get you the right vehicle for your situation the first time. Please contact any of our seven locations to find out about your full range of options!


Can’t Get To Us? We’ll Bring A Van To You! No Charge & No Commitment!

Rain, snow, sleet, cold weather! You may be thinking about a mobility van or lift but the last thing you want to do is get out in the weather these next few months. Let Superior Van and Mobility bring a van to you to try out. If you are curious about a lowered floor minivan, wheelchair lift, or lift up seat to assist with your mobility, why not try it out in your own driveway or garage. Give us a call to let us know when and what to bring!!