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With so many reports surfacing that claim too much sitting is bad for you, there has been a significant rise in the sales of standing desks. To that same point, there are also some disabled individuals that are starting to consider standing wheelchairs.

This may seem counter-productive to some, but there is a surprising amount of research that supports the use of what is known as “passive standing.”

In fact, a recent paper released by the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology of North America (RESNA has indicated that they strongly believe that people confined to wheelchairs can benefit in many ways from routine passive standing. These benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

• Improvements in circulation
• Improvements in passive range motion
• Reduction of skeletal deformities and pressure sores
• Maintaining vital organ capacity
• Maintaining bone mineral density
• Allowing users to reach items they could not while sitting

On top of it all is the obvious freedom of not being forced to sit all day. There is a degree of independence and self-reliance that comes from a standing wheelchair that, sadly, many people with disabilities miss out on.

A standing wheelchair can quite literally out disabled people back on their feet safely and easily. It offers the convenience and mobility of standard wheelchairs while also adding the extra freedom to get out of the rigid sitting position they are accustomed to.

Of course, certain disabilities may not allow or warrant the advantages a standing wheelchair might offer. If you have questions about obtaining a standing wheelchair or wonder if you could benefit from one, you should ask your doctor.

On another note, if you choose one of the standing models and have a wheelchair accessible vehicle, beware. Many of the standing models are much larger and heavier, and may not be compatible with your current vehicles design or setup. Be sure to double check with your vehicle’s manufacturer or local mobility dealer to ensure your new chair is compatible.

Dodge Handicap Vans Offer Wheelchair Accessibility While Preserving Style

If you’re in the market for a truly comfortable and accessible wheelchair van, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that compares to Dodge handicap vans. Dodge offers multiple models of handicap vans, a list that is topped by a wheelchair accessible version of their exceptional Grand Caravan.

This model of the Grand Caravan—like all Dodge handicap vans—has not sacrificed comfort and style while converting to a handicap van model. The built-in features of the Caravan make it an obvious and complimentary choice for handicap conversion. Dual power sliding doors and anti-lock brakes make this van incredibly convenient and safe for those looking for Dodge handicap vans.

In the same way the traditional model of the Grand Caravan has no equal in the industry, the handicap-converted model offers comforts such as power windows, three-zone climate control and stow-and-go.

Of course, it’s in the BraunAbility conversion process itself that makes Dodge handicap vans the clear choice for those seeking wheelchair accessible transportation. For starters, the floor is lowered by 10 inches and a non-slip power ramp is installed. The reduced ramp angle allows an individual in a wheelchair to easily enter the minivan. Anchor points and wheelchair tie-downs for the wheelchairs are.

With several models in addition to the Grand Caravan available for handicap accessible vans, consumers will have many options to choose from. Dodge has made sure that they not only provide comfort and ease of access, but variety as well. No matter what your preference or requirements, Dodge offers the best in state of the art handicap vans.

As you can see, Dodge handicap vans are able to preserve the style and comfort Dodge is known for while also providing ease of access for handicap riders and drivers.


Gaining Freedom through Handicap Vans

How much time do you spend wishing that you could go to the grocery store, run an errand, or just get out of the house, but you feel bad asking other people for a ride? When you are physically disabled, this can be a reality. It is frustrating to depend completely on other people, and you know that guilty feeling that you are putting someone else out when you ask them to take you somewhere. Of course, the people who care about you are most likely more than happy to help, but wouldn’t it be better if you actually had the freedom to go where you want? Continue reading

What to Look for When Choosing Handicap Vans

If you are considering purchasing a handicap van, you’ll want to take note of certain details before making your final decision. To make sure your needs are being met, you should take time to review important information to help you make a smart purchase you can be comfortable with in the future.

There are different handicap vans to choose from. Review different features available and compare them to your specific needs to find the best match. Being sure of your final purchase includes being well-informed when you make your decision. Staff members at Superior Van and Mobility can clarify questions or concerns about choosing your handicap van. Make sure you understand how certain features work with the model you are interested in. You should feel comfortable using the features but clear on how they operate; this ensures you use the vehicle features safely. Continue reading

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing from Handicap Vans

When you start looking at handicap vans, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of gaining a new vehicle and the freedom and mobility it offers. Of course, you will be excited, but if you get too caught up, there are things you may miss out on that could matter a great deal in the long run. In order to make sure you are able to shop for handicap vans smartly, consider the following dos and don’ts.

Do take your time and consider everything you need in a vehicle. It is easy to rush at the first handicap vans that you see, but they may not be the right option for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The trained and knowledgeable staff at Superior Van and Mobility will be able to help you with any questions you may have about the handicap vans that you are considering.

Do think about the used wheelchair van. These models have been inspected for safety and they are reliable. They come with a much lower price that could make your vehicle more affordable.

Don’t think you have to pay all up front. Financing is available for both new and used handicap vans and this is a great way to make an expensive vehicle more affordable to you. Just be sure to keep in mind what you can afford as far as a monthly payment.

Do think in advance of what you want. You can even look at inventory online, so you can have a pretty good idea of what you need in handicap vans before you ever go and look at one.

Consider these dos and don’ts. That way, you will not forget anything important when you are excited about shopping for handicap accessible vans and gaining your mobility.

Are Used Handicap Vans Right for Me?

Are you looking for ways to improve your mobility and quality of life? If so, then handicap vans can provide exactly what you’re looking for. These vans offer those with physical disabilities the chance to regain their freedom and travel without restrictions. You’ll find both new and used wheelchair vans on the market today, but if your financial situation is tight (and whose isn’t?), then you might be wondering if used vans are a good option for you.

Used Vans Offer State of the Art Equipment

One of the first things that you’ll find is that used handicap accessible vans can certainly offer you all the mobility equipment that you need. Whether you want a ramp or wheelchair lift, hand controls, transfer seats, wheelchair locking systems or something else, you’ll find used vans with this equipment. If it’s not already installed, you can have it installed before you purchase the van.

Used Handicap Vans Are More Affordable

Another thing that you’ll discover is that used wheelchair vans are more affordable than their new counterparts are. Of course, buying used is almost always cheaper than buying new. However, the most significant thing about this price difference for you is that you might be able to afford to add more mobility equipment to the van and still come off cheaper than if you bought a new van.

Financing Is Available

Finally, you will find that used handicap vans can be purchased with the same financing plans as new vans. The trick is to work with a dealership that specializes in helping those with physical disabilities find the right mobility options for their situation. When you work with Superior Van and Mobility, you’ll find exactly that – we give you the information, help and vehicle selection that you need.