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Added Layer of Safety… Why You Should Have OnStar FMV for Your Vehicle

OnStar is nothing new, however if you have never owned a late model vehicle from GM, you may know little of its benefits.

As far as lowered floor wheelchair accessible minivans go, it’s unfortunate that GM does not currently provide any models that can be used in the conversion process, thus keeping OnStar out of reach by many who could really use its services. It just doesn’t seem fair, right?

Well… I have some good news! OnStar has a device called OnStar FMV. This device brings the many services of OnStar to most non-GM vehicles by simply installing as a replacement rear view mirror.

Now, the peace of mind and array of services provided by OnStar , that have been out of reach by many, is now readily available as an added accessory.

It really is that simple! Once installed by a trained technician, YOU decide the level of service and safety desired by selecting one of OnStar’s service packages. These packages include a combination of services of the following:

Automatic Crash Response
Emergency Services
Crisis Assist

Stolen Vehicle Assistance
Roadside Assistance

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Hands-Free Calling

If you haven’t experienced what OnStar can do, you really need to see its many benefits for yourself. There is a lot of information that can be found here or you can simply come to any Superior Van and Mobility location for a FREE demonstration.

I don’t know about you, but having the peace of mind of automatic crash response speaks for itself. You just can’t put a price on the peace of mind knowing that if a crash were to happen, you have the fastest means of having help sent automatically to your location via GPS when you are unable; it could just save your life or that of your passengers.

Finding a Wheelchair Accessible Van for Sale

How Do I Find a New or Used Accessible Van For Sale?
Finding a wheelchair van for sale can be a daunting task if you are unsure where or how to look and buy one. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. If you need to find a new handicap van for sale there are resources available that can assist you.
Generally, the most common ways to find an accessible van for sale is to search the Internet or to contact local automobile dealers. However, that’s not the easiest way for everyone to use. Searching through pages of Internet listings or the phonebook can be time-consuming and frustrating if you can’t find what you’re looking for.
Knowing what resources are available in order to get an accessible van for sale can greatly alleviate any frustration—saving time and money.
Alternative Resources
Conventional methods of finding a wheelchair accessible van for sale may not work for you. If that’s the case, alternative resources will be the next best solution. Alternative resources can include organizations or that help seniors, veterans, other persons with disabilities, or caretakers that need to find and purchase an accessible van.
If you are elderly and have a disability, you could call AARP to see if they have any offers or special programs to assist you in purchasing an accessible van. Veteran Affairs may offer special incentives for veterans of who are disabled. A caregiver of a disabled person or relative may not be able to go through Veteran Affairs or AARP for patients with certain conditions but they can find and research other organizations that can help them purchase an accessible van for sale.
If you need assistance in purchasing an accessible van for sale, contact one of our certified mobility consultants today.

Wounded Warrior Receives Camo Accessible Van

A very deserving disabled veteran was presented with an accessible van converted by BraunAbility, a manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Lance Corporal Michael DeLancey was presented a camo-wrapped accessible van alongside BraunAbility employees who have served in the military.

Winamac, IN (PRWEB) May 23, 2013

A very deserving wounded veteran was presented with a customized camouflaged accessible van on behalf of BraunAbility, a leading manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles based in Winamac.

Lance Corporal Michael DeLancey, a native of Pinellas Park, Florida, was injured in Iraq in 2006 when a sniper’s bullet pierced his spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down and critically damaging his lung. Despite the life-altering injury, DeLancey has been a force of positive change. He serves as an ambassador for Wounded Warrior Project and speaks with fellow veterans recovering from serious injuries.

“As a Marine, Mike has built his life upon the three Corps Values: Honor, Courage and Commitment,” said Kevin McMahon, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “These are values that our founder Ralph Braun believed in – and they are values that the people of this company hold true.”

The completely camouflage-covered vehicle will transport DeLancey to his volunteer work with veteran organizations and events in his home state of Florida and nationwide.

BraunAbility, founded in 1972, has a long history of serving veterans with disabilities. Many of the company’s first customers were newly injured veterans returning from the Vietnam war at a time when people with disabilities had very few mobility options.

Held at BraunAbility corporate headquarters in Winamac, the presentation was an opportunity for the company to not only honor Lance Corporal DeLancey, but current employees who had served in the military as well. In honor of DeLansky’s visit to the company and all company veterans, BraunAbility employees wore red, white and blue.

“Thank you for your service, for your commitment, and we celebrate the many ways you continue to serve our country,” added McMahon.

The presentation, appropriately, occurred just before Memorial Day weekend and during National Military Appreciation Month.

The Transition to a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

The transition into a handicap accessible minivan is one that may be a big change. For handicap individuals who have been getting by with a car or even without transportation- it isn’t always an easy choice to invest in a wheelchair accessible vehicle. While choosing to transition into a wheelchair accessible vehicle may not be an easy choice, it is one that is worth considering.

The comfort that a wheelchair accessible van provides is an investment in itself. While it may be possible to transfer from wheelchair to vehicle now, the convenience of owning a wheelchair accessible van is something that a passenger will thank himself or herself for later. With conversions that provide safety and make each vehicle easy to load, a wheelchair van will provide convenience for many years to come. Each van is truly an investment that will last a lifetime.

In some cases, the decision to switch to a handicap accessible vehicle is part of the lifelong process of adapting to a disability. However, with the addition of a wheelchair van, it is easier for passengers to focus on the things that matter the most to them, making transportation one less thing to worry about. The quality of life and peace of mind that a wheelchair accessible vehicle provides can enhance the safety, convenience and quality of life that every human deserves.

At Superior Van and Mobility, we understand the unique handicap challenges that our customers confront each day. With our full line of handicap accessible minivans, we believe that we have the vehicle to provide our customers with the comfort and mobility they deserve. We invite our customers to contact us anytime to discuss mobility options.

Wheelchair Conversion Vans Bring Comfort to Your Commute

The Conversion Conundrum
A long trip can be a very memorable experience for many different reasons. Long trips can mean great times of bonding and forging life-long memories. But sometimes long distance trips can be uncomfortable treks that seem to never end and the only relief is when it’s actually over.
Regardless of how good or bad the trip turns out to be, traveling in comfort will make it much easier. If traveling in comfort appeals to you, purchasing a wheelchair conversion van is the option to choose.
Handicap conversion vans also serve another function. They can aid in that transport of people with disabilities. Each wheelchair conversion van can be customized to various needs to accommodate those with disabilities.
What’s In It For You?
The next big questions are what features can be added to a new accessible full-size van or minivan?
A typical wheelchair conversion van can have any number of standard and special features added to it. Most of these features are aesthetic in nature and have to do with what type of wheels you might want or the style of the interior. The more luxurious options feature enhanced sound systems, special inputs for gaming consoles and media players, and LCD screens for viewing.
There are a number of helpful features available for a handicap conversion van. These conversion vans offer wheelchair ramps, lifts and carriers that can help a person in a wheelchair get in and out of their vehicle. They also can be fitted with safety locks that keep wheelchair passengers in place. These features can make a wheelchair conversion van safer and more accessible for anyone using it.


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February Rebates Announced on all 2012 Models of Dodge and Chrysler Braun Conversion Vans!

*Dodge 2012, All Models: $1000 Base Rebate + $1000 Mobility Rebate + $750 Owner Loyalty Rebate (must own a Chrysler brand vehicle) = $2750 Total Rebate

*Chrysler 2012, All Models: $1000 Base Rebate + $1000 Mobility Rebate + $750 Owner Loyalty Rebate (must own a Chrysler brand vehicle) = $2750 Total Rebate

Also available, in place of Base Rebate, 0% for up to 36 months, 0.9% for 48 months, 1.9% for 60 months, or 3.9% for 72 months (Ally Financial, with approved credit).

Attention Chrysler Employees: All Zones & 2012 Models also have an Employee Bonus Rebate of $1000. This is in addition to your special Employee Pricing and applicable rebates/finance rates. End user must supply Braun CDJ with an “EP” control number.

All rebates are subject to end user residence zip codes. Rebates may change based on which zone end user resides. Current 2012 Model Van rebates good 2/1/2012 through 2/29/2012.

Summer Vacations and Wheelchair Accessibility . . A New Way of Thinking

All too often I hear that someone has not been able to drive to their family member’s wedding, a family reunion, or just to the beach because there was no way to get them and their wheelchair there comfortably and conveniently. There are SO MANY options on the market these days to help ease this concern! If you haven’t investigated what’s now available in the wheelchair van market these days, you will be amazed.

You may be wondering why a lowered floor minivan is so important in this situation. Maybe someone is your family has offered to just put a ramp in the side door of their existing van? Here’s our David Letterman top 10 list of why that will not work:

10) Where will the ramp go when you are not using it?
9) You want me to go up that steep ramp? Who is pushing??
8.) Ouch, don’t bump your head as you go in!
7) What out for that flying chair if there is an accident!
6) Seat belt, who needs a stinking seat belt?
5) Oh, I have to bend in half to sit comfortably in here?
4) You want me to go down that steep ramp? Who is catching?
3) No moving around until I reach the next destination?
2) Great scenery – wish I could see it
And the Number One reason it will not work:

The new vehicles on the market today offer space, style, comfort, and safety. If price is a concern, a used or pre-owned van may be the answer!! Looking for options and special packages on the vehicles? We’ve got em’ – leather, navigation, back up camera’s, etc. Need a vehicle with great gas mileage? How does 28 mpg sound?

Don’t miss out on anything or anywhere you want to go just because you have to consider your chair in the equation. Check out what’s available by contacting one of our mobility consultants today to discuss your specific needs and situation

Wheelchair Vans and Financing Options

We are often asked if there is financing available for our converted vehicle inventory. The quick answer is YES! We have a great relationship with Braun Credit who works with various lending institutions who are familiar with the costs associated with the Chassis and Conversions. Just like at a traditional automotive dealership, a client can fill out a simple one-page application and let their sales associate do the rest.

As with any time credit is granted, the terms and rates are determined by the lender. Considerations that commonly go into the credit worthiness formula are overall credit history, automotive payment history, revolving credit utilization percentage, payment-to-income ratio and overall debt-to-payment ratio, among others. These lenders typically need a 10% downpayment and keep in mind, a trade-in can be considered towards this downpayment.

Of course, the client may choose to obtain a loan via their local bank or credit union. We welcome that as well and we know some clients may leverage their other existing accounts (signature loans, mortgage loans, etc.) when negotiating a rate. The great thing about Braun Credit is they can petition for a much longer term than what a local bank may be willing to offer. For instance, a typical 10 year term might produce a $550 per month payment whereas a 5 year term payment might be $975 or so. Also, keep in mind that all Braun Credit initiated contracts are Simple Interest. That means, if you choose a longer term for a more affordable monthly payment but come across some extra funds, you can prepay at no penalty.

So if you think that a new, handicap accessible van is too expensive, talk to your sales associate about your financing options. You may find it is more affordable than you think!!