New Disability Assistance Funding Awaits Senate Approval

One of, if not the biggest, legislation since the 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act is soon expected to sweep the Senate. The new act is called, “Achieving a Better Life Experience Act”, and it will allow Americans with disabling conditions to open a tax-free savings account. This account will be used to fund long-term expenses incurred in relation to the disability.

Families will be able to deposit up to $14,000 of after tax dollars per year into the fund, which will grow tax free. This plan is similar to the tax-free college savings accounts in place now, but the difference is that this fund can be used for any medical in addition to educational expense.

In addition, the fund can grow to as much as $100,000 before it would jeopardize Social Security eligibility. Currently, this limit is set at only $2000.

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Could a new peptide treatment help treat spinal cord injury and more?

Big news today in the area of spinal cord injury. A group of Case Western Reserve scientists have recently been working with a new peptide treatment that has garnished new hopes in treating spinal cord injury.

The peptide is called intercellular sigma peptide (ISP), and in initial animal testing, this peptide has shown to reactivate paralyzed muscle fibers with more than a 80% success rate. Nearly all the animals involved in the testing, regained at least one lost ability related to the injury.

The peptide appears to work by allowing nerve fibers to overcome the scarring from the injury that blocks their regrowth. While more testing is still needed, this surely exhibits the advancements that could soon be on the horizon. Not only for spinal cord injury, but any disease or injury resulting in limitations due to scarring. Such potential treatments include, heart attack patients and those fighting MS.

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