How About an App to Help Find Wheelchair Accessible Routes?

Planning ahead is often key for anyone in a wheelchair, because catching a movie and even going to dinner can sometimes become a challenge without.
Well, now there is an App to help thanks to, Jason DaSilva. You see, Jason knows the struggles that wheelchair users may face on a daily basis, as he has MS. Frustrated at his personal experience, Jason set out to find a way to improve his own experiences, in the process he figured his findings could help others. His App, called AXS Map, does just this.

It works to assist wheelchair users in planning routes, and locating businesses that are more accessible to their needs. Powered by Google maps, this App goes beyond simply finding ramps or wheelchair-friendly attractions, it allows for user interaction to rate venues on their level of accessibility.
The App is designed to help eliminate any doubts or second guesses when planning an outing. Because, as anyone in a wheelchair knows, something as simple as knowing if a restroom is accessible or not before they get there and find out the hard way, makes a huge difference.
Even though the App is still in its infancy stage, Jason continues to host what he calls, “Mapping Days”. This is when volunteers set out with the sole purpose of mapping out towns across the country, to continue updating the Apps reliability and functionality. If you would like to get your own AXS Map App click the link. Who knows, this might be just what you have been looking for.
Know any other Apps that are designed in mind of helping the physically challenged community? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Rob Jones Inspirational 5400 Mile Cross-Country Bike Trip

For many people, Rob Jones is the very definition of determination, however inspiration is definitely another word that comes to mind.

His story starts with intense Marine Corp training, and transitions to stints in Iraq and Afghanistan where he sought out weapon caches and roadside bombs. Unfortunately, it was on one of these tours that resulted in Jones losing both of his legs in a roadside bomb explosion. The explosion forever changed his life, but not his determination and perseverance. In fact, after months of physical therapy and recovery that most would see as a life ending experience, Rob made a decision that would define his existence; he wanted to again ride a bike, and the story goes… Jones did exactly what he set out to do. In fact, he did it so well, he won the bronze medal at the Paralympics in 2012.

Yet, as this accomplishment wasn’t deemed hard enough, Jones decided to add a new chapter to his life—one that may be his most difficult yet. He decided that he will travel 5,400 miles across the country on a bicycle to raise funds and awareness for his cause.

His plans have him traveling 30 miles each day, and will take anywhere between four to seven months to complete. Yet despite as it seems, Rob’s not doing this just to reach some massive goal he has set for himself. As mentioned earlier, he plans to speak at a few schools along the way, and has hopes of raising $1 million that will be donated back to the very programs that helped him during his very challenging times.

In terms of motivation to keep him going, Jones stated: “You remember that what you’re trying to achieve is more important than what you want in the moment. So I might want to stop, but I want to finish more than I want to stop.”

For encouragement and assistance, Rob’s younger brother will be following behind him in a pickup truck, where he will also be sleeping during the trip, as he vows to take absolutely none of the donated money for his own expenses. “It’s going to be work,” Jones says, “but at the same time it’s going to be something that I should enjoy.”

To meet Rob along the way and provide your support, track his progress, or to make a donation to his cause, you can visit his website here

Basketball Star with a Physical Challenge Signs with Florida

Disabilty? What Disabilty…

Zach Hodskins is a force to be reckoned with. You see, Zach hasn’t let a physical challenge get in the way of his dreams. At 6’4”, 200 pounds, Zach has not only overcome life’s challenges, but he has become a skilled 3 point shooter despite not having a left forearm.

But it wasn’t always that way for Hodskins. In fact, he says growing up was a little tough, and he remembers regularly thanking God for giving him the will and motivation to overcome the obstacles, and crushing the doubters.

Well, it appears his hard work is about to pay off. Recently after drawing the attention of numerous Division 1 teams, Zach received the news of a lifetime, and Zach signed with Florida as a preferred walk-on! That’s right, Billy Donovan Florida!

Truly inspiring, Zach has once again crushed the doubters, and has simultaneously knocked down additional barriers that many with a physical challenge face daily. In fact, Zach’s skills and talents have even gone on to amaze the liking of a special celebrity, Beyonce. She recently tweeted on Zach’s success and talents, and hailed Zach as a, “True inspiration”.

We will keep an eye on Zach and his adventure, and we wish him the best of luck. Who knows, maybe with a celebrity like Beyonce watching, Zach can keep his dreams alive, and look to play professionally. Her hubby is sure to know a few owners here and there, and could always put in a good word.

Congratulations Zach!

To see footage of Zach, and his amazing skills visit:

Open House 2013 was a Great Success!

Our open house 2013 was a tremendous success, despite weather as an issue at some of our locations. It was good to see old friends, as well as many of the new ones we’ve made this year. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, company, and of course the tremendous deals being offered on not only wheelchair accessible minivans and pickup trucks, but on wheelchair lifts, and driving aides. The manufacturers really stepped up this year!!
This year Superior Van & Mobility gave away, not one, but two $5000 cash prizes in the second annual Superior Lotto drawing. It was our way of saying thanks! This year’s winners were announced October 22, 2013 with a video of the drawing posted on our website.
The winner from the open houses that were held the week of October 4th and 5th was Karen Bueker of Auburn, Indiana. Karen attended the open house at our Fort Wayne location.
The winner from the open houses that were held the week of October 11th and 12th was Joe Eaton of Louisville, Kentucky. The Eaton’s attended the open house at our Louisville location.
Congratulations to both!
In addition to the two grand prize winners, there were many door prize winners at each of our nine locations, all of which have been notified. These winners won a variety of gift cards, provided by BraunAbility and VMI.
Thanks again for everyone who attended, and all of the manufacturer support we received. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event.
Thanks again to the following: BraunAbility; VMI; Bruno; B&D Independence; Brandl Lending; Braun Credit.