Veteran Disability Claims Speed Along As They Go Electronic

Good news for veterans! The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has launched its new automated system the speeds up the process.
The new system is called Veterans Benefit Management System or (VBMS). With the implementation of this new system, they hope to eliminate the backlog of disability claims by the end of 2015.
The VA cited a record breaking 1 million claims were filed last year, the year before, and the year before that. What has happened is that many veterans now have coverage of benefits for diseases and ailments that didn’t exist years ago.
Currently the processing time for a new, paper claim has been around 260 days; however with the new system in place, those numbers are expected to drop significantly.
Recently, all the claims that had been over two years in waiting have been processed across the country. In fact, many claims are now under one year, but still some remain over a year; these are now priority.



BraunAbility With West Coast Customs Unveils It’s Concept Mobility Ford Explorer

We are happily waiting for more news on the new mobility concept vehicle from BraunAbility! A joint venture with West Coast Customs, BraunAbility delivered the first vehicle of it’s kind to a deserving Marine Veteran, Mike Delancey. This is a few photos of the 2014 Ford Explorer that was customized/converted to be wheelchair accessible.

Complete with a custom camo exterior!




Futuristic slide-out entry!



Spacious interior for the driver

and his passengers!


While this vehicle is receiving a lot of press, we hope the concept becomes a near reality and becomes part of the immense vehicle line-up BraunAbility already offers the disabled community.

We feel this would be an incredible addition to the legacy Ralph Braun has left behind. We can only imagine how proud he would have been to see this vehicle unveiled. He was always looking forward and for ways to improve the lives of those who many overlook.

You can find more photos and videos on our Facebook page by clicking here.

Way to Go BraunAbility, West Coast Customs and Mike Delancey!!












Added Layer of Safety… Why You Should Have OnStar FMV for Your Vehicle

OnStar is nothing new, however if you have never owned a late model vehicle from GM, you may know little of its benefits.

As far as lowered floor wheelchair accessible minivans go, it’s unfortunate that GM does not currently provide any models that can be used in the conversion process, thus keeping OnStar out of reach by many who could really use its services. It just doesn’t seem fair, right?

Well… I have some good news! OnStar has a device called OnStar FMV. This device brings the many services of OnStar to most non-GM vehicles by simply installing as a replacement rear view mirror.

Now, the peace of mind and array of services provided by OnStar , that have been out of reach by many, is now readily available as an added accessory.

It really is that simple! Once installed by a trained technician, YOU decide the level of service and safety desired by selecting one of OnStar’s service packages. These packages include a combination of services of the following:

Automatic Crash Response
Emergency Services
Crisis Assist

Stolen Vehicle Assistance
Roadside Assistance

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Hands-Free Calling

If you haven’t experienced what OnStar can do, you really need to see its many benefits for yourself. There is a lot of information that can be found here or you can simply come to any Superior Van and Mobility location for a FREE demonstration.

I don’t know about you, but having the peace of mind of automatic crash response speaks for itself. You just can’t put a price on the peace of mind knowing that if a crash were to happen, you have the fastest means of having help sent automatically to your location via GPS when you are unable; it could just save your life or that of your passengers.

Quiet Drive Technology Standard in New BraunAbility Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

In the past, the conversion process of creating a lowered floor minivan meant an increase in cabin noise was inevitable. Until now… New innovations in technology has made it possible for a handicap accessible minivan to be nearly as quiet inside as its factory counterpart.

Introducing BraunAbilty’s “quiet” technology that will become a standard improvement on all new BraunAbility wheelchair vans for 2013!

‘Quiet Drive’, as it is called is an exclusive feature to new BraunAbility vehicles. This new innovation reduces noise and vibration in lowered-floor wheelchair accessible vehicles by up to 25%, resulting in a more traditional and comfortable mobility experience.

It has taken BraunAbility engineers two years of research to make this viable acoustic improvement and refinement as part of their relationship with advanced engineering facilities of Chrysler and Ford.

The process involves the use of noise-blocking seals and high-performance noise-absorbing materials; stopping sound before it enters the cabin. This new technology is now standard on all new BraunAbility conversions on the 2013 Chrysler, Dodge, Honda and Toyota accessible minivans.

We invite our customers to come test drive a new BraunAbility accessible vehicle with the Quiet Drive technology at one of our nine locations across the country. For more info (and a laugh) check out their new Quiet Drive YouTube video.

Handicap Accessible Options at Superior Van & Mobility

Here at Superior Van & Mobility, our goal is to provide service and care to those looking for handicap accessible options for their transportation needs. As one of the leading servicer of handicap accessible vehicles and mobility products, our full-service dealership features a full line of the highest quality brands. Look no farther than Superior Van to find the handicap accessible products you need and bring convenience back into your life. Continue reading

Gen Hickey, Doug Eaton, Capt. Jeff Weston

General Allison Hickey Visits VMI


June 12, 2013 · 5:08 pm

VMI’s Operation Independence continues to gain momentum. Jeff Weston, VMI vice president of business development and a former US Army Captain has been establishing relationships and raising awareness with high ranking officials about the program. His effort recently resulted in a visit by retired Air Force Brigadier General Allison Hickey, the Under Secretary for Benefits at the Department of Veteran Affairs, who was in the Phoenix area during a visit to the VA regional office there.

Gen Hickey, Doug Eaton, Capt. Jeff Weston

Under Secretary Hickey oversees more than 20,000 employees in VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration, which is responsible for administering VA programs that provide financial and other forms of assistance to veterans, their dependents, and survivors. Major benefits include veterans’ compensation, veterans’ pension, survivors’ benefits, rehabilitation and employment assistance, education assistance, home loan guaranties, and life insurance coverage.

Under Secretary Hickey toured our Phoenix factory on June 4 and met with the management team. Veteran employees and customers joined Weston and the Under Secretary on a factory tour and then shared ideas in an open town hall format.

“Even though we have provided more benefits to Veterans over the last three years than at any other time in our history, we’re transforming our processes to better deliver the benefits they’ve earned and deserve,” said Under Secretary Hickey. “I always enjoy visiting with fellow veterans and particularly like seeing what other organizations are doing to improve the lives of our veterans.”

Access, in all forms, is a priority at the VA because of the enormous impact on the life of a veteran. Mobility is critical for access to medical care and employment opportunities.

“VMI continues to pioneer programs that improve the buying experience for customers and improve dealer profitability,” noted Weston. “Since my time in the military, I’m particularly interested in programs that benefit fellow veterans. During the meeting with Under Secretary Hickey, VMI pledged to support the goals of VA’s transformation by improving awareness of mobility benefits for veterans through Operation Independence.”

Weston is a graduate of West Point, as well as the Army’s Airborne, Air Assault and Helicopter Flight schools. He was one of the few dual rated pilots (helicopter and airplanes) in the Army. After leaving the military, he helped companies nationwide develop and grow their sales strategies and teams.

“Raising veteran awareness of their benefits is a top objective of Operation Independence;” commented Weston. “By educating veterans and then working closely with VA, we can help expedite the delivery of the vans. VMI’s approach will result in a better life with greater job opportunities for our veterans, as well as better business processes for our dealers.”

Wheelchair Bound 11 Year Old Receives Girl Scout Medal of Honor


by Chelsea Rabideau
Posted on June 10, 2013 at 11:57 PM
Updated Tuesday, Jun 11 at 12:01 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – An 11-year-old is given an award that only 29 other girls receive each year, the Girl Scouts Medal of Honor. The Medal of Honor is one of the few lifesaving awards that the Girl Scouts of the USA give out. It means the recipient saved or attempted to save a life at the risk of her own life.

Jenica Miller depends on adults for many things. She has Type II Spinal Muscular Atrophy, is wheelchair bound, and depends on adults for her care. But, she also has a fierce independent streak.

Her mother, Julie Barksdale described her daughter, “When we’re out different places, where people will talk to me and not her, or they assume that she can’t do things because she’s in a wheelchair, or talk down to her. And she’s very quick to let everybody know that just because she’s in a wheelchair, she’s like other kids her age.”

Jenica is also a Girl Scout. Right there in the Girl Scout promise, it says, “Help people at all times.” That’s a promise that Jenica takes seriously.

One morning in September, the nurse who cares for her daily suffered a debilitating bout of vertigo. Jenica’s Girl Scout training kicked in.

“Because we learned for our first aid badge, in a situation you never get hyper or anything. You try your best to stay calm,” she explained.

The nurse couldn’t move or walk without help, so Jenica steered herself to the front door to let help in.

“I had unlocked the deadbolt, which, I can’t raise my arm off the arm rest, so I laid down my chair and my laterals helped my arm get up high enough so I could undo the deadbolt,” Jenica said. That was a risky, possibly life-threatening move had her wheelchair tipped over. It earned her the Medal of Honor.

For Jenica, the medal means more than honor.

“Some people look at a person in a wheelchair and think they can’t move or anything,” Jenica said. “And this proves that we can do things in the world that will make a change.”


Click to view the whole story:


Janica just took delivery of her new van yesterday! Thank you Janica!!

NMEDA Announces 2013 “Local Hero” Contest Winners

Today, NMEDA announced the three winners of the 2013 NMEDA National Mobility Awareness Month Campaign. The winners were Abigail Carter, Jeff Scott and Steve Herbst.

To qualify as a “Local Hero”, entrants had to submit either written or videotaped stories of how they are triumphing over their mobility issues through their academic and career ambitions, as well as their family and local community contributions. Caregivers, friends and family members were also welcome to submit entries. These entries were then voted on by you. The winners each received a customized wheelchair accessible vehicle.

To view their submissions or to learn more click below:


Finding a Wheelchair Accessible Van for Sale

How Do I Find a New or Used Accessible Van For Sale?
Finding a wheelchair van for sale can be a daunting task if you are unsure where or how to look and buy one. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. If you need to find a new handicap van for sale there are resources available that can assist you.
Generally, the most common ways to find an accessible van for sale is to search the Internet or to contact local automobile dealers. However, that’s not the easiest way for everyone to use. Searching through pages of Internet listings or the phonebook can be time-consuming and frustrating if you can’t find what you’re looking for.
Knowing what resources are available in order to get an accessible van for sale can greatly alleviate any frustration—saving time and money.
Alternative Resources
Conventional methods of finding a wheelchair accessible van for sale may not work for you. If that’s the case, alternative resources will be the next best solution. Alternative resources can include organizations or that help seniors, veterans, other persons with disabilities, or caretakers that need to find and purchase an accessible van.
If you are elderly and have a disability, you could call AARP to see if they have any offers or special programs to assist you in purchasing an accessible van. Veteran Affairs may offer special incentives for veterans of who are disabled. A caregiver of a disabled person or relative may not be able to go through Veteran Affairs or AARP for patients with certain conditions but they can find and research other organizations that can help them purchase an accessible van for sale.
If you need assistance in purchasing an accessible van for sale, contact one of our certified mobility consultants today.