Reclaim Your Independence with a Wheelchair Van

Many people with disabilities are discovering the multiple benefits of owning a handicap accessible van. First and foremost, a wheelchair van offers disabled individuals a much stronger sense of freedom. Getting into and out of a vehicle can be a considerable challenge for people with limited mobility. A van that is equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramp system simplifies this process so that entering and exiting a vehicle can be done safely and with a greater sense of ease.

Without the proper mobility equipment installed, traveling is not nearly as safe for disabled people. With equipment such as wheelchair locking devices, driving aids, transfer seats and other features, you can rest assured that getting from point A to point B will be much safer for everyone in the wheelchair accessible van.

Disabled individuals who travel to work, school, meet with friends, or to simply run daily errands will benefit from driving aids, such as hand controls and pedal extensions. Leaving your home at your leisure is a convenience that everyone should have. A properly-equipped wheelchair van allows people with physical handicaps to operate the vehicle safely and in comfort. Today’s lift and ramp systems can be controlled with a push of a button allowing disabled drivers to enter or exit the vehicle without outside assistance.

Disabled passengers will also find that their independence is restored when they no longer have to depend on others to get into or out of a vehicle. After maneuvering their wheelchair or scooter up a ramp or onto a lift platform, they can then enter or exit the vehicle by pushing the appropriate button. The ease in which modern lift and ramp systems can be operated allows most people with disabilities to reduce their dependence on others, which is another significant step in the direction toward freedom and independence.

$25 Gas Card for all Van and Lift Demo’s During May!

Have you been considering a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle or Lift but just haven’t had the time to see one in action? Don’t put it off any longer! May is Customer Appreciation Month here at Superior Van and Mobility and we are giving a $25 gas card to anyone that schedules at at-home or in-showroom demonstration of a lowered floor van or wheelchair or scooter lift. Our at-home demonstration are FREE and NO STRINGS ATTACHED and you will receive a gas card at the conclusion of your appointment! Call our sales team today to schedule your May demo and your $25 gas card. You’ll also be entered in our Grand Prize drawing at the end of May for a $100 gas card. Get ready for summer with a new van or lift and gas on us!

Congrats to the 3 Winners of the Local Hero Van Giveaway sponsored by NMEDA! Click here for more info!

Winners of the Local Hero Lowered Floor Wheelchair Accessbile Van Giveaway Contest by NMEDA were announced during The Daily Buzz show, Friday Morning, June 8th. If you missed it, click this link below to find out about the winners:

Thanks to all the heroes and fans of heroes that entered and votes for stories. This first celebration month of its kind was a HUGE success. Be ready for another contest next year! Contact your nearest Superior Van & Mobility office for more information, 1-877-878-2304.