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50 Ability Marathon Challenge – Wheelchair Racing

50 Ability Wheelchair Marathon

Dreams were shattered college graduation weekend for Paul Erway in 1980, when the car he was riding in the back seat, while on a double date, had an unthinkable accident. Paul had been drinking so as a precaution, he let his best friend drive who doesn’t drink.  However in 1980 there were no seat belt laws, so the incident left Paul with a Spinal Cord Injury from his chest down.

After the injury, Paul found a passion in wheelchair racing and continued to improve competing in first regional then national track meets.  After much time and effort, he came up short and didn’t make the Para-Olympic Games.  A little crushed, Paul’s mentor Marty Ball convinced him to qualify for the Boston Marathon before giving up wheelchair racing, which he achieved in 2004.  Next, his mentor got him hooked again but now set the goal even higher for the ultimate in wheelchair racing which was Oita Japan.  July of 2006 while training in his racing chair, Paul hit a pick-up truck and after all life function stopped, he got a helicopter ride to the hospital. During recovery, Paul’s friends came to visit asking if he would take up racing again since he and his chair were smashed up, his reply was, “I think I will take up racing horses.” Thus the picture from the front cover was envisioned.

Paul considers it a blessing since the fateful day in 1980 when his first accident occurred, as he was more concerned about himself, however now he’s concentrating on helping others which has made his life more fulfilled. One area is working for Superior Van & Mobility for over 20 years as a Rehab Products Consultant helping people pick their lives up by Making Mobility Possible through the vehicle modifications for a person with a disability.

Paul also picked himself up from 2006 the second time to compete in Oita Japan in 2010, then set another goal, higher and harder. More about the amazing challenge Paul did in 2013 helping Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation at www.50abilitymarathons.com

Along with more information on the many possibilities for Superior Van & Mobility www.superiorvan.com .

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