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Which Vehicle Wheelchair Lift is Best for You and Your Needs?

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With your wheelchair, you have your set of wheels and the increased mobility that comes with it. But to get further afield than your immediate neighborhood, you need wheels for your wheels. A vehicle wheelchair lift would mean greater independence for you, and the freedom to go where you need to go.

Your choice of a vehicle wheelchair lift is almost as important as your choice of a wheelchair. Finding what suits you best becomes easier once you know what your options are. Read on to discover the range of inventive solutions to straightforward travel in your vehicle with your wheelchair.

Vehicles Suitable for Wheelchair Lifts

Vans & SUVs are the best vehicles to convert to incorporate a vehicle wheelchair lift. Superior Van & Mobility specializes in van conversion and adaptive mobility solutions. We use our experience and expertise to ensure ease of wheelchair access to your vehicle as well as adapting hand controls behind the wheel to your abilities.

For an overview of the kinds of adaptations we offer to whatever make of vehicle best suits you, we encourage you to watch our summary video on wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Whether you convert your current vehicle or purchase a new or pre-owned one that has already been converted, there are several options available, but the simplest is the exterior vehicle lift.

Exterior Vehicle Lifts

Outside wheelchair vehicle lifts secure a wheelchair to the exterior of the vehicle, normally at the rear. The advantage is that the wheelchair does not take up space inside the car. The frame supporting the wheelchair is attached using a similar mounting to that of a trailer hitch.

They can be used with vehicles of almost any size. It is relatively simple to move the exterior vehicle lift from one vehicle to another. If you can stand for two to three minutes while the lift is running or if you usually travel with a companion or care giver, then the exterior lift is worth considering.

Once the wheelchair is in place, it needs to be manually strapped down, secured, and covered. If you live in an area where it rains or snows a lot, this might not be the best solution for you.

Interior Scooter Lifts

The beauty of a platform scooter lift is that you simply drive your scooter or power wheelchair onto a flat platform on the ground. The wheels are locked in place, and you dismount. At the push of a button, your chair is loaded into the rear of the SUV or minivan.

There are many different models of scooter lifts & carriers available in the USA. Most store the scooter or wheelchair in the cargo area of your vehicle, while others simply transport the chair on an exterior platform that visually resembles a very small trailer.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to scooter lifts. The make and model of the minivan or SUV where the lift will be mounted has as much to do with which lift you use as the design of your scooter or power wheelchair.

We suggest that you spend time deciding which type is best for you with the help of a certified mobility consultant. Their experience in matching your type of wheelchair or scooter to the device that is most suitable for your vehicle can be invaluable.
Superior Van & Mobility is a certified NMEDA QAP dealer, and as such we comply with rigorous standards. NMEDA stands for National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. And QAP is the abbreviation for Quality Assurance Program.

Road traffic safety and your personal safety as a wheelchair user must be taken into account! And, of course, you do not want your wheelchair damaged during transit. As certified mobility consultants, we will consider all these things and offer helpful advice.

We also offer a mechanical maintenance and repair service for all our converted vehicles.

Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts for Wheelchair and Its Occupant

Mostly found in commercial applications, there are hydraulic vehicle wheelchair lifts that are capable of lifting the wheelchair and the person in the chair at the same time. These types of lifts are often called occupied lifts and have much higher lifting capacities.

Our mobility consultant would take the combined weight of the wheelchair and the wheelchair user into account to see what the best configuration would be. Aside from weight, they will also pay attention to overall dimensions to find a workable solution.

We're Here For You

Superior Van & Mobility has showrooms and technical mobility consultants at 16 different locations, with plans for another site in Michigan in late 2021. The advantage of multiple locations is that if the branch you’re dealing with does not have the vehicle you want in stock, we arrange for it to be sent from one of our other branches.

Your mobility and comfort are uppermost in our minds. We are really keen to see you traveling in style — even down to your choice of the color of the vehicle — and with the greatest of ease.

Contact us if you have any questions about adaptive mobility or vehicle wheelchair lift conversion. And speak to us about our competitive financing options. We are always happy to provide one-on-one support to arrive at the mobility solution that suits you best.