The XL-Seat from Adapt Solutions is a space saving, power, lifting platform that is designed to assist a manual wheelchair user into the factory driver’s seat, or passenger seating position of an automobile. The seat works by lowering into a position that is approximately level to floor of the vehicle. After transfer onto the platform, the user has the ability to stop the upward travel at any desired height which best suits the individual’s needs. The Platform is also easily removable to accommodate additional drivers of the vehicle.

Specifications & Benefits:

The XL-Seat provides users with a long list of benefits, not found with other devices.

  1. Drivers are able to retain their original, factory OEM seat and all its function.
  2. The seat still operates as it was originally intended.
  3. The compact design is easily hidden until ready for use.
  4. The XL-Seat is easily removed and installed for households with multiple drivers.
  5. Installation is simple and mounts using existing vehicle hardware, so it requires no additional modification to your vehicle which could reduce your vehicles appeal during trade-in/sale.
  6. The XL-Seat features a 275lb weight capacity.
  7. Large platform surface, 15¾¨ X 17¨for a stable transfer.
  8. No additional power sources needed. The unit is powered from your existing vehicle battery.
  9. There are three trim colors available to complement most vehicles: black, tan, or gray.
  10. Easily used in conjunction with wheelchair lifting/storage devices such as the Hi-Lift or Speedy-Lift.




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