VMI Wheelchair Lifts Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee & Louisiana


When you need more than what a minivan can offer, a full size van is in order. Especially one equipped with a VMI/Ricon platform lift; a lift you’ll feel confident relying on day-in and day-out.

Manufactured in our industry leading state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, your new VMI/Ricon vehicle wheelchair lift provides quality that is unparalleled to others.

Lifts are available for virtually every need and budget, from large lifting capacities to unobstructed views, seating and doorways, you owe it to yourself to put VMI/Ricon on your shopping list today.

VMI Reliant Wheelchair Lift

The Budget-Friendly Lifter If you are budget conscience and looking for a quality vehicle wheelchair lift with a large lifting capacity, look no further than the VMI/Ricon Relia...

VMI KlearVue Wheelchair Lift

An Unobstructed View The VMI/Ricon Klearvue vehicle wheelchair lift eliminates blind spots created by other wheelchair lifts once stowed. The platform folds horizontally in its ...

VMI Clearway Wheelchair Lift

Unobstructed Entry If you are looking for a wheelchair lift that provides unobstructed entry for ambulatory passengers, then look no further than the VMI/Ricon Clearway. This sp...

VMI Slide-Away Wheelchair Lift

Unobstructed Entry & Additional Front Passenger Comfort The VMI/Ricon Slide-Away vehicle wheelchair lift is a split folding platform lift that not only allows unobstructed e...

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