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Power Truck Bed Topper

Keep your wheelchair lift and wheelchair, or power-chair safe and out of the elements during transport in your pickup truck with this state-of-the-art truck bed topper.
There are numerous truck toppers that are compatible. However, it’s best to work with one of our mobility consultants before purchasing a unit for use to ensure its compatibility.

NOTE: The power-lift truck topper is not recommended for pickup trucks with beds smaller than 5 ft. 6 inches. It’s not that the power-lift topper will not function properly, it’s that once a lift is installed, there traditionally isn’t enough room for storage of a wheelchair or power-chair, but not always the case. Please feel free to contact for a consultation if your vehicle fits the size limitations.

In addition, vehicles with step-side, or flare-side beds are also not compatible. Topper clearance is significantly reduced resulting in vehicle damage and lifting height restrictions for proper lift operation.

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