Commercial Wheelchair Accessible Vans

From accessible minivans equipped to haul a single passenger, to 10 passenger church vehicles, our commercial vans are just the right fit for many applications. Commercial minivans and full-size vans are customized to your needs within just a couple days.

Braun Commercial Entervan - ADA Compliant

The Braun Commercial Entervan® is the culmination of nearly forty years experience in building personal mobility products. Style, performance, convenience and safety have been aesthetically blended to achieve a new level of refinement in a wheelchair-accessible minivan. The most striking feature is its handsomely finished automotive look. Both the passenger side and the driver side sliding doors have been lowered to match the low floor level with no sill or other obstructions to step over. This standard feature also allows for a better wheelchair turning radius, making it easier to maneuver while inside the vehicle. The Commercial Entervan® comes standard with a removable front driver and passenger seat, and a wheelchair securement position in the front passenger area.

BraunAbility Dodge Commercial ADA

We get it: downtime is expensive. That’s why The Braun Corporation specializes in designing accessible vehicles that are up to the challenge of tough, real-world use in your transit fleet. With a number of floorplan options and ambulatory seating configurations, you’ll have the flexibility to meet all of your customers’ needs. The Braun Corporation has a proven track record of producing economical and dependable commercial vehicles designed to keep you up and running day after day, year after year. Contact your Braun representative today to see how the wheelchair accessible Dodge Caravan can help you maintain ADA compliance... and your bottom line.

Toyota Sienna Commercial Wheelchair Van

Available on new and fully re-conditioned vehicles. This rear entry Toyota Sienna ADA compliant wheelchair van will be sure to please your clients. It's superior ride quality and comfortable seating means your customer will want to keep riding! To your bennefit, you get great fuel economy and Toyota reliability.

Ford Transit Connect For Commercial Use

Our Commercial Division newest offering is the Ford Transit Connect Mobility Van. Developed by commercial wheelchair van providers in The Mobility Alliance, in conjunction with Ford Motor Company, the Transit Connect offers a new ADA Compliant rear entry option to the market that is economical and practical.

With the rear tumble seat folded forward, the vehicle's design provides a wheelchair area of 31" wide x 50" in length. With the rear seat in its upright position, three full-sized adults can be transported in the rear seating area, along with the driver and another passenger in the front. This new design combines the affordability of a rear entry transport van for handicap passengers with non-wheelchair passenger capabilities,transitioning from one use to the other in less than a minute.

Superior Ambulette

With a wide variety of floor plans available on both Ford and Chevrolet/GMC full-size vans to accommodate our clients, Superior Van & Mobiltiy is the industry trend setter in helping commercial clients address their mobility transportation needs.

The Superior Van & Mobility commercial ambulettes feature custom one-piece plastic walls for ease of cleaning which allows your vehicle to stay new looking longer. Our raised roof paratransits are available in multiple heights on standard and extended length chassis. We specialize in meeting your needs by offering side or rear lifts, multiple wheelchair and ambulatory seating, stretcher mounts, state DOT requirements and much more.

Prison Transport Commercial Van

The PTV is an extension of our experience with building border patrol transport vans. All our upfits can be customized to meet your unique law enforcement prisoner transportation requirements.

Chevrolet Express Full-Size Commercial Van

The Express Passenger Mobility Van from Superior Van & Mobility is designed to carry people not cargo, resulting in a superior ride and comfort. The commercial wheelchair van meets full ADA compliance and can be customized to your needs.

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