Adapt Solutions Wheelchair Lifts Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee & Louisiana


Contact for Inquiries on all lift products: 1-844-341-LIFT (5438)

Adapt Solutions provides quality mobility assistive devices for the automotive application. Their products are designed to assist physically challenged individuals with a safe transfer from wheelchair to vehicle, then safely storing their wheelchair, or scooter inside for their pending journey.

At Adapt Solutions, safety is not taken lightly. They were the first seating company to participate in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) compliance review program. In fact, their products are rigorously tested, and undergo a strict certification process. These tests not only include life cycle, and weight capacity tests for longevity, practical use and reliability, but the safety is challenged and reviewed using real, vehicle crash test data. The result, a quality, reliable and safe product that delivers a real solution to an individuals need.

Speedy-Lift Manual Wheelchair Lift

SPEEDY-LIFT The Speedy-Lift from Adapt Solutions is a space saving, compact wheelchair lift that is installed in the second row of minivan, or select SUV using existing seat bra...

HI-LIFT Wheelchair Lift

HI-LIFT The HI-LIFT from Adapt Solutions is an optional lift that works well alongside their XL-SEAT to lift and secure a manual wheelchair inside a minivan. The HI-LIFT is one ...